Минск старый и новый
минск: старый и новый

Minsk Old and New

 (Belarusian: Мiнск, pronounced [mj:insk]; Russian: Минск, [mj:insk])

“A person who has not been brought up in respect for his ancestors, can not be a true citizen of his country”

The City of Minsk (Mensk, Menesk), the capital of modern Belarus (Byelorussia), is an ancient and at the same time ever-young city. The web-sites about the city abound, and every one of them is interesting in its own way. This project is in the first place devoted to Minsk history, its past and present. The main aim is to represent Minsk in all historic ages, beginning with the foundation of the city up to present time.

 Here you can find photographs and descriptions of streets, squares, parks, suburbs, architectural monuments of past and present. There the list of streets renamed is given, as well as the chronology of significant historic events, maps and city plans, famous sights and landmarks, useful information about museums, hotels and so on.

Translation by Elena Demidova

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